If you’ve shopped around for photographers, you’ll know that many of them don’t include image rights in their initial fee and some require you to spend certain dollar amount on prints. Prints allow for a high profit margin which is a large source of income for most photographers. There is nothing wrong with this approach, it’s just not the one I follow. Instead, I charge a fixed price upfront so there are no surprises in the end.


  • SHOOT: This includes all my time spent on the day of your shoot including the commute (up to 30 miles). Sessions are never rushed and the duration depends on the type of shoot as well as your schedule.
  • POST PROCESSING: The majority of my time is spent in this “behind the scenes” phase of the process that involves culling, editing, retouching, and optimizing your images.  The reality is that photographers nowadays spend more time behind their computers than their cameras.  The beauty of digital photography is that it gives us the ability to snap 100s of images and the flexibility to make adjustments after the shoot. These things all take time, but it’s a fun part of the process and I love doing it.
  • YOUR IMAGES (the best part!): A DVD containing all of your fully edited images with full rights to print and share online (non watermarked).  Most portrait photographers only allow you to pick a limited amount of images from a set of proofs. If you want more there’s a fee. I don’t have the heart to withhold images that you love and I don’t want you to be surprised with unexpected fees. So all of my packages come with the images. A typical portrait session yields anywhere from 60-100 photos. These are yours to keep. You can print as many as you like and share them with the world!
  • GALLERY AND PRINTING RIGHTS:  3- 4 weeks after the shoot, I’ll send over a password protected link to your image gallery. Here you have the option to order professional quality fine art prints. You are by no means required to utilize my lab, but I do recommend them highly. They make beautiful prints for reasonable prices. Photo labs like CVS and Target are fine  for printing snapshots, but I don’t recommend them for professional prints.




Packages start at $475. Request 2015/2016 rates.