Honeymoon Part II :: Las Terrenas

Posted on Oct 20, 2011

Las Terrenas is located on the Samaná peninsula of Dominican Republic. It was a beautiful 2.5 hour bus ride from Santo Domingo, and what a difference that drive makes! From littered, overcrowded streets, to peaceful mountainous countryside, pristine beaches, and the kindest of people.  We rented a house at Monte Placido and it couldn’t have been a more perfect spot for us. Our house sat a top a hill that overlooked ocean, mountains, horses and the occasional barefooted kiddos playing in the distance. Not to mention the incredible grounds of Monte Placido. Oh and that pool!  We wandered the peninsula on a quad (4-wheeler) and wore our swimsuits for nearly the entirety of the trip. What a sad thought considering I’m wearing a sweater right now. :( There are  several stunning beaches in Las Terrenas and we explored just about all of them, most of which we had to ourselves! As I’m writing this, I’m amazed we ever came back. As incredible as the beaches were, our favorite part of the trip had to be the visit to El Salto del Limón, a most breathtaking waterfall in the jungle. We got there on horseback and spent the afternoon swimming and playing in it’s chilly waters.

To sum things up, honeymoons are pretty awesome. Is this why so many people get married more than once these days? Ben and I are in this for the long haul, so maybe we’ll schedule future honeymoons throughout the marriage. At least I can hope… :)


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